Psilocybe Mckennaii

Psilocybe Mckennaii

Godfather of this Psilocybe cubensis strain is the American writer, teacher, researcher and psychonaut Terence McKenna. There is a rumor that this Psilocybe cubensis variety is even more potent than the popular and famous Copelandia cyanescens (also known as the “Hawaiian”). Its highly philosophical trip with a strong visual aspect makes it a treat for the more experienced psychonaut.



The Mckennaii magic mushroom strain is  probably named after Tercence McKenna. Although there are rumors that it’s not. The thing is that Terence didn’t come up with this strain. Some mycologist in The Netherlands might have given this (hybrid) cubensis strain the name McKennaii. Psilocybe Mckennaii

Most people see this as a tribute to the Master Psychonaut himself. But some see it as just a marketing trick. In the years past the Mckennaii Magic Mushroom proofed to be a different cubensis variation. Loved by a lot of it’s users for it’s strong trip and as a fast grower in a mushroom grow kit.McKennaii Magic Mushrooms

Terence McKenna was an American psychonaut, lecturer, and writer.

McKenna was and is noted for his knowledge, and the ability to articulate this knowledge, of the use of psychedelics, metaphysics, plant-based entheogens, and subjects ranging from shamanism, language, historical and civilizational timelines, the theoretical origins of human consciousness, and his concept of novelty theory.

The “Stoned ape” theory of Terrence McKenna suggest that the transformation or evolution from Homo Erectus to Homo Sapiens occur due Magic Mushrooms in the diet of the species. Psilocybe Mckennaii

Here is an photo of one of our McKennaii magic mushroom growkits. As you see the yield brings a lot of mushrooms. Without a doubt the McKennaii is one of the strongest cubensis variations in our Magic Mushroom Grow Kit catalog. This one is for the more visually interested. Dark brown caps with an odd shape and thick sturdy stems. Psilocybe Mckennaii

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14 reviews for Psilocybe Mckennaii

  1. Jeff

    Second time I make an order.. It took a while at first, there was a delay so I contacted mushroom World , told them that I need it on time so I can continue the treatment on time.. So they took care of it and sent it by fast ups shipping.. arrived right on time for me to continue without delay. Great service.. thank you

  2. Fedel

    Great experience so far, the packaging and the delivery were clean and on time. it’s very professional and I’m looking forward to try what I bought (grow box + magic truffles)

  3. John nettle

    Great service! I was able to track my delivery. A parcel can take a couple of days to arrive so be patient and don’t worry (I was worried but it arrived!). My friends have also used this service and had no problems either. I got the psilocybin mckennaii and they were very nice. Some visuals and not too intense. Totally recommend!

  4. Scott

    Tried the first time with no real effect. 2nd time just ate what was left and that seemed to do the trick.

  5. Steve

    Didn’t get anything from these mushrooms. Too bad. Stick to the Blue Meanies!!

  6. Jazmin

    They were not as strong as we were hoping. Probably won’t order this particular one again. But nice for a simple night in. We ended up watching a movie and it was fine

  7. Benard

    It was ok for a first experience but was very mild, but I might just have a high tolerance.

  8. Ricky

    Not what I was expecting but I’ll try more next time. Still worth trying

  9. Rebecca

    Nice mixture of stems and caps.

  10. Terry

    Mood and especially visual effects are first rate, great cultivar.

  11. Josie

    Love this mushroom

  12. Kjay

    Good experience. I ate 3.5g and it was strong. Delivery was quick. Not bad taste. Interesting visuals, relaxation and introspection.
    I would like to try liberty caps sometime.

  13. Robyn

    Tried these before and they always do the trick. Warm and happy feeling, good geometric visuals when taking a bigger dose ~3ish~ grams, went and enjoyed some christmas lights!

  14. Dean

    This company is a scam fake tracking numbers fake websites high prices trying to scam you for so much money on first go round

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